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Rev. Susan Hill-Mellott Spreading Joy
Rev. Jeremy Kaylor Grace
Rev. Jim Lasher Peace on Earth
Rev. Ann Shaver Faith
Veronica Pejril Transgender Awareness
CB Bjork The Value of Nothing
Rev. James Ferguson Fellowship of Souls
Wynn Chaney Creating Unity Within Ourselves
Rev. Margee Jaeger Prayer & Meditation
Rev. Margee Jaeger Be a Willow
Christine Bingham Compassion
Rev. Susan Hill-Mellott Peace through Inner Work
Rev. Jim Lasher Tuning-in to the God Within
Rev. Margee Jaeger Spirit is Here for You
Rev. Tracy Gough Love
Rev. Margee Jaeger Thoughts on Spiritualism
CB Bjork Letting Go of Blockages to Cultivate Self-Love
Rev. Ed Cummings Never Give Up and Non-attachment
Rev. Don Treadwell Transform Your Life
Shirley Morey Trust Spirit
Rev. Mike Mellott Let Us Be Spiritual Warriors
Christine Bingham The Spirituality of Friendship
Rev. Susan Hill-Mellott What I Need to Hear
Rev. Don Treadwell Choices of Freedom
Rev. Jim Lasher Pride, Freedom, & Independence
Rev. Susan Hill-Mellott Flower Communion Service
Rev. Tracy Gough Meekness is Courage
Rev. Margee Jaeger What is Your Gift?
Kate Hinman Love
Rev. Ann Shaver Spiritual Places
Rev. Jeremy Kaylor Absorbing God
Rev. Don Treadwell Wine for the Feast
Rev. Mike Mellott Community Thinking
Rev. Michael Schlotterbeck Why Can't We Get Along?
Rev. Susan Hill-Mellott Happy Easter
Rev. Don Treadwell Reflections on OUR Spiritual Journey
Christine Bingham The Spirituality of Earth Day
CB Bjork What is...
Rev. Jim Lasher Faith (What is it good for?)
Rev. Tracy Gough The Mountain, the Pile or the Pony?
Rev. Don Treadwell Practice Makes Perfect
What does it mean to be perfect and how do we get there?
Rev. Jim Lasher When I was a Child
Rev. Tracy Gough Time to Fly
Rev. Ann Shaver A Valentine for Paul
Rev. Margee Jaeger Wonderful Words of Life
Rev. Jeremy Kaylor Our 2022 Spiritual Workout Schedule
Rev. Susan Hill-Mellott Expanding Spirituality
Rev. Ed Cummings The Kingdom is at Hand
Rev. Tracy Gough Cozy Place
Rev. Susan Hill-Mellott Nervous Breakdown vs. Spiritual Awakening


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Rev. Jim Lasher How can a Spiritualist Celebrate Christmas?
Rev. Margee Jaeger Experiences for a Reason, a Season, and a Lifetime
CB Bjork The Five Gifts
Rev. Mike Mellott Peace
Rev. Tracy Gough I am Grateful!
Rev. Don Treadwell The Sand or the Rock What is faith and how can I apply it in my life?
Rev. Margee Jaeger Are We Human Beings or Human Doings? Yes!
Ann Shaver Journeys and Pilgrimages
Rev. Jim Lasher Spiritualist Halloween
Rev. Tracy Gough Which Side of the Teeter-Totter Are You On?
Rev. Jeremy Kaylor The Salt of the Earth
Rev. Don Treadwell The Consciousness of the Good Samaritan
Rev. Ed Cummings Religious Marketing
CB Bjork Caring for Ourselves While Serving
Ann Shaver Taking Things for Granted
Christine Bingham Change
Rev. Mike Mellott Connecting to Spirit
Rev. Maria Celeste Peace
Rev. Don Treadwell What is Church?
Rev. Susan Hill-Mellott Keeping an Even Mind
Rev. Margee Jaeger The Vibration of Emotion
Rev. Mike Mellott Be a Blessing
Rev. Don Treadwell What Is Ministry?: Reflections on 35 Years
Ann Shaver Lost and Found
Rev. Susan Hill-Mellott Be a Light Finder
Rev. Tracy Gough Get Busy
Hoss Hostetler Reflection, Retrospection, and Looking Forward
Rev. Margee Jaeger Father Energy
Rev. Jim Lasher From Woo-Woo to Spiritualilty
Rev. Ed Cummings God & Beauty
Rev. Margee Jaeger Honoring the Heroes of Memorial Day
Rev. Tracy Gough You're a Wow!
Rev. Mike Mellott Take a Breath
Ann Shaver Mother's Day 2021
Christine Bingham Regrets
Rev. Maria Celeste Faith and Trust
Rev. Susan Hill-Mellott Coping with Tragedy
Rev. Don Treadwell R.I.S.E.N. - Responsive Spiritual Communion Service for Easter
CB Bjork Life's Doorways
Rev. Maria Celeste Let Your Light Shine!
Ann Shaver Covenant
Rev. Tracy Gough Our Differences
Rev. Jim Lasher What's in a Name?
Rev. Margee Jaeger Embrace Living in The Present Moment
Rev. Mike Mellott Returning to Love
Rev. Ed Cummings Attunement
Venetia Spencer Joy & Happiness: Are they the same thing?
Rev. Susan Hill-Mellott Thinking Positive Thoughts
Rev. Don Treadwell Creating a Positive 2021
Hoss Hostetler It's Our Choice: Love or Fear
Rev. Kandy Kendall Soul Keeping


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Rev. Jim Lasher The In-Between Times
Rev. Margee Jaeger The Gift of the Christ Consciousness
Rev. Mike Mellott Love Yourself
CB Bjork Looking Forward
Venetia Spencer A Little Hope in the Darkness
Rev. Ed Cummings Imagination and Nikola Tesla
Christine Bingham Oneness
Rev. Tracy Gough In the Midst of Darkness
Rev. Jim Lasher In Good Times, Bad Times Prayer
Rev. Margee Jaeger Anniversaries
Hoss Hostetler Faith, Gratitude, and Healing
Rev. Tracy Gough Discernment
Rev. Mike Mellott Coming Back to the Old Ways
CB Bjork The Four Candles
Andrew Light Aquarian Optimism
Rev. Mike Mellott Back to the Basics
Rev. Harley Schultz Closer to the Creator
Ann Shaver Being Home Watch on YouTube
Rev. Don Treadwell Principles of Metaphysics Watch on YouTube
Rev. Jim Lasher Awe Watch on YouTube
Rev. Margee Jaeger The Declaration of Principles Watch on YouTube
Rev. Mike Mellott Time to Reinvent Watch on YouTube
Rev. Kandy Kendall The Why of Life Watch on YouTube
Rev. Maria Celeste Create as You Have Been Created Watch on YouTube
Rev. Susan Hill-Mellott Back to Basics Watch on YouTube
Rev. Tracy Gough Speaking Your Truth Watch on YouTube
Rev. Margee Jaeger So What? Now What? Watch on YouTube
Rev. Mike Mellott The Pendulum Swings The Other Way: The Christed Moment Watch on YouTube
Rev. Jim Lasher Hope is not Cancelled Watch on YouTube
Rev. Tracy Gough Rediscovering Our Mortal Adventure Watch on YouTube
Venetia Spencer Weeds in the Garden Watch on YouTube
Rev. Ed Cummings God, Freedom and Self-Mastery Watch on YouTube
CB Bjork Winds of Change Watch on YouTube
Rev. Susan Hill-Mellott Honoring Yourself Watch on YouTube
Rev. Kandy Kendall Stop, Go, Collect $200 Watch on YouTube
Rev. Jim Lasher A Prophesy Watch on YouTube
Hoss Hostetler Didn't See That One Coming Watch on YouTube
Rev. Tracy Gough Be A Light Watch on YouTube