As the sunflower turns its face to the light of the sun,
so Spiritualism turns the face of humanity to the light of the truth.

All Are Welcome!

2201 E. 54th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46220

(317) 255-4902


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Kevin and Jan
Sunday Services
10:00am Healing in Healing Sanctuary
10:00am Guided Meditation in Main Sanctuary
10:30am Worship Service

Fellowship after Services

Sunday brunch has been cancelled until further notice.

All Church Services and Activities are cancelled until April 5th.

Raising the Roof!

Thank you for helping us raise funds for our roof!

The roof has been repaired!

Please continue to consider any special donations for the roof fund
as we make payments on this large expense.

Upcoming Speakers
Date Speaker
April 5 Rev. Margee Jaeger